i'm vicky, 20, massachusetts. aries sun, pisces moon. ginger cutie and flower lady extraordinaire. i love cats and bdsm. edm❤trancefam. i'm healing. i love you.

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better picture of my new hair:3 going to comedy night with babe and the family❤️

Anonymous said: my fiance is a aries sun/pisces moon too! therefore i will def suck your dick

YES aries power \m/

Anonymous said: natural redhead?

yep! although right now my hair’s dyed red haha~

i’ll get a better picture when i’m home and have my makeup done but, new hair!! i love it❤️ we took a lot off the length and it feels sooo much healthier now. thank you to the lovely miss brittanynikkiii for doing a fabulous job as always❤️

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I need to go for a ride

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